Ready for the weirdest news you'll hear all day? Capcom announced that they're making a game based on candy. World Gone Sour is a game based on Sour Patch Kids, that candy you may or may not always grab when you go to the movies. If the name seems familiar, it's because it's the same as Method Man's recent treat-based rap.

World Gone Sour the game puts us in the shoes of a wayward Sour Patch Kid looking to make its way into somebody's stomach after falling on the floor at a movie. In addition to featuring Method Man's track, the story of the game is going to be narrated by Creed Bratton from The Office. Expect to dodge and fight off other discarded and apparently feral candies while exploring real-world environments from a candy's perspective.

It seemed like the days of food-based games like Cool Spot and Yo Noid were behind us, but like a the possibility candy jumping from the floor into our mouths there's always a remote chance that some ideas will keep coming back for more. World Gone Sour will be coming to Xbox Live, PSN and PC in early 2012.