Spark Unlimited—the California developer behind such wholly unimpressive projects as Legendary and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty—may have let the zombie out of the barn on an upcoming game. Their projects page lists "a breakout game based on an established console franchise" that's "a bold new take on 3rd Person Action/Horror genre." There are a few things pointing to the possibility of this being Resident Evil 6:

For one thing, a former Capcom employee who worked on Resident Evil 5 and other titles is, as of October 2011, working at Spark Unlimited as a senior FX artist, according to his LinkedIn. Furthermore, Spark has tweeted, "Spark is the developer. We are concerned that we deliver the game. The publisher delivers the fan demand as they think best." As Now Gamer points out, that relationship sounds really similar to how Capcom's handled the development of other recent games, including Dead Rising 2 (with Blue Castle Games), RE: Operation Raccoon City (with Slant Six) and Devil May Cry (with Ninja Theory).

There's nothing even close to substantial here, but that won't stop us from speculating. What do you think? Does Spark have the track record to handle something as big as RE 6? Maybe it's another RE spinoff and not a proper sequel? Let us know your guesses in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.