Patrick Judabong - photographer, DJ, and founder of the Fat Bastard Crew, known to the world as Buddhabong. He has traveled the world in search of stunning images, great beats, and the best eats. Currently, you can catch him getting fat in and around New York City.

In Thailand, the vendor told me, "I sell out almost every night, the people here love it." I asked if it was safe to eat. She replied, "The act of frying kills any bacteria."

Fried is always better, right? Would you consider a fried insect a food? In parts of the world, the natives consider insects a tasty snack, not to mention a great source of protein and calcium.

The perfect drunk snack, these edible insects include fried crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches, water beetles, bamboo worms, scorpions, spiders and ant eggs, depending on the availability. One small plate costs less than $1.

On a recent trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, I came across an insect cart while walking the night market. Getting the nerve up to actually try an insect was daunting but if you ever find yourself confronted with your neighnorhood jungle friends, I recommend you try them. Hey, why not? When are you ever going to try fried insects again? If all else, remember the wise words of Russel Peters, "Be a man!"