Ylva-Maria Thompson is a Swedish artist and former erotic TV hostess. Soon, shecan add founder of the Austrian International School of Sex (AISOS) to her resume. Through hands on lessons, Thompson's latest endeavor aims to breed better lovers. For a meager $1,860, you can study both the theory and practice of "sexual positions, caressing techniques and anatomical features." Students will most likely be eager for the "practice" sessions.

The school's curriculum is made up of five basic courses, but more in depth classes will be availableas well as weekend study. The minimum age for enrollment is sixteen, so we imagine Thompson figured the sooner people learn to be sexual dynamos, the better.

Sex is still a taboo subject, so it's impossible to bring it up without offending someone. Below you'll find the commercial for the school, which was banned in Austria for showing a couple having sex. That should help draw more students, and we're quite curious to see the first graduating class of AISOS.

[via Gawker and The Local]

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