A Battlefield 3 player thinks he may have stumbled onto the obscure announcement of the next entry in the Battlefield series.

In "Wake Island", a map in Battlefield 3's Back to Karkand expansion, the number "2143" appears on a wall. According to Battlefield aficianados, that number is developer DICE is dropping us a hint that Battlefield 2143 is in the works.

While that does seem like a stretch at first glance, DICE has teased upcoming releases this way in the past. Case in point, the last futuristic Battlefield title, Battlefield 2142, was hinted at the same way in the expansions for Battlefield 2:Euro Forces and Armoured Fury.

Here's the kicker, Euro Forces and Armoured Fury were released in February and June of 2006, respectively. 2142 was released that October, only a few months after the tease. If the pattern holds, we should be looking to get our hands on Battlefield 2142 in 2012. That seems like a longshot, but so does the idea that a number on a wall is actually a secret message for fans.

[Via Eurogamer]