For those of you who don't remember the months or so before Batman: Arkham City came out, you may have found yourself weighing the choices of where to pre-order the game from. It seemed every retailer was offering a different skin, and the problem was that they were all pretty awesome.

And somewhere in the back of our minds, we knew they'd all be available later on down the road as paid DLC, and we'd stand our ground and say "No! This is hogwash. I'm not going to pay for something that was free a month ago!"

Well, good luck to you, because that DLC arrived on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN last night, and they're every bit as awesome as you thought they were months ago. Pick it up, and tell us what your favorites are in the comments below.

If for some reason you haven't picked up Batman: Arkham City yet, check out our review here.

SPOILER ALERT: It's awesome.