Evelyn Lozada has her fair share of drama on Basketball Wives, but nothing like this: Apparently, Lozada is being sued for allegedly receiving about $560,000 illegally from her ex-fiancé, former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker, who is now deeply in debt.

Basically, Walker had earned about $110 million from his career, including endorsements and the like, but he's blown all of it and more leaving him in a ton of debt. He filed for bankruptcy last year, and trustees reviewing his case noticed that Walker gave Lozada the $560,000 even though he knew his financial situation wasn't the greatest.

This lead the trustees to suspect that Walker may have given Lozada the money to hide it from creditors, which would render it fraudulent - in other words, the money she received was completely illegal. 

The trustees believe that Lozada then used the money to open her Miami shoe store, Dulce, though Lozada rebuts that she sold her engagement ring to get the funds to run the business. Walker maintains that the transfer was completely innocent as well, saying that he gave her the money to help Lozada pay her bills. Despite this, the bankruptcy trustees are suing Lozada to get the full sum of the money back.

Things just got real.

[Via TMZ]

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