Bryan Hitch, the artist behind Marvel hits such as Fantastic Four and Captain America: Reborn, will be leaving the company after a decade of work, according to Newsarama. In 2002, Hitch, along with writer Mark Millar, burst on to the scene at Marvel Comics with a modern update of the Avengers origin titled The Ultimates. With its Hollywood-esque plots and incredibly detailed art, The Ultimates paved the way for a more realistic take on the superhero genre which has since become the standard.

Over the years, Hitch had been criticized for turning in his artwork late and delaying books for months at a time, but it was always hard to question the quality of the end result. And while Hitch may be leaving Marvel for other opportunities, possibly in the independent comic realm or at DC, he has apparently finished his portion of next year's Avengers event, The Ultron War, which will be written by Brian Michael Bendis.

[via Newsarama]