Ready for some oppressive news from the lovely, free-thinking state of Arizona?

Yesterday, an administrative judge decided that Tucson's Mexican American studies program violates a new state law that prohibits "divisive ethnic-studies classes", i.e. letting other cultures be great. The program's biggest foe is senator turned superintendent John Hupperthal, who called it a violation back in June for promoting "resentment toward a race or class of people." Oh alright, buddy.

The program was designed to promote Latino heritage and encourage academic excellence, but it apparently presents a huge threat to others who think it teaches Latinos to be victims and are terrified that it might put a negative (or accurate) slant on history and spawn a Mexican uprising.

What we have here is the type of "blinders-on" thinking that's shared by people who believe black kids attend HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) because they don't like white people. This sad attempt to keep Tucson's Mexican population in the dark drags a hideous truth into the light: the state of Arizona really doesn't fuck with Latinos. They're willing to fight back, as the pictures above prove.

This isn't surprising though, because we are talking about the same state that tried to sweep a bunch of sex crimes against Mexicans under the rug. Then again, they don't count if they involve illegal immigrants, right? This is also the same state that refused to observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a year after it became a federal holiday, and only brought it back after a tourist boycott.

Ever wonder how they really feel about Black History Month?

[via Los Angeles Times and Gawker]

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