Over the years, Nicolas Cage has transformed himself from a serious actor into a balding enigma that we're not entirely sure meets the legal definition of "sane". And in another example of the inexplicably bizarre life that the actor leads on a daily basis, Best Week Ever is reporting that Cage's face graced the cover of a Biology textbook in Serbia from 1993-2001. 

The picture on this 8th grade textbook is actually one of Cage and Holly Hunter from Raising Arizona. We're not quite sure what Cage has to do with Biology, or why the textbook manufacturer was compelled to use the image, but you have to admit that it's a pretty impressive way for Cage to enhance his resume. It sure as hell looks better than having Bangkok Dangerous on there.

We're almost positive that Cage doesn't have much to offer the world of academia, but if a photo of him gets students in Belgrade interested in Biology then his career would have been well worth it.  

[via Best Week Ever