American Psycho is the latest in a string of remakes that includes Evil Dead, Scarface and Starship Troopers. And while it's not surprising that Lionsgate would take on the massive cult hit, it is curious that they would choose to remake the film just eleven years after it was released.

Nevertheless, Lionsgate has enlisted the help of writer and director Noble Jones (Assistant Director to David FIncher on The Social Networkto do a low-budget remake of Bret Easton Ellis' 1991 novel, and re-imagine the script based on how Patrick Bateman would fare as an investment banker on modern day Wall Street. Which of course, opens so many possibilities for Bateman's maniacal tics: Will he grit his teeth as Paul shows off an iPad with more gigs than his own rather than a more elaborately embossed business card? Will Bateman discuss the evolution of Lil Wayne instead of Huey Lewis and The News during Paul's slaughter scene? Will there be any scenes filmed in Zuccotti Park?

So many possibilties, yet none seem quite as alluring without Christian Bale to narrate them. 

[via Variety]