If you've been to a physical book store or other retailer in the past several years, you've probably wondered to yourself whether or not you'd be better off just ordering your items from Amazon. It's OK to admit it— any conscientious shopper makes a cost/benefit analysis of ordering online vs. purchasing from a local retailer. Amazon is looking to skew that equation in its favor this holiday season with its free, recently updated Price Check app.

The app is essentially a standard barcode reader that lets you know the price and availability of a specific item on Amazon.com. Amazon is hoping that customers will think twice while out at retail stores, tempting them with the promise of an-ultra low-cost alternative. On Saturday December 10, the company will even offer five percent off or up to $5 for every purchase made through the app.

Brick and mortar retailers everywhere are no doubt hoping that Amazon fails with this effort, but what do you think? Would you walk out of a store empty handed if you found your items cheaper on Amazon? Or would you rather just get your goods right then and there and perhaps support the local economy?

[via AllThingsD]