7. Give Dexter Some Lasting Complications

Last night's ending could make things very hard for Dexter in the future, and hopefully it does because it's been way too easy for this guy to live as a secret serial killer up until now. The murder of Rita might have initially seemed bold and daring, but as soon as Dexter shipped her two kids off, all her death really did was make it easier for dude to pursue his vice. His toddler son is still far from the age of noticing anything, and cute nanny Jamie is apparently the most understanding babysitter ever.

The most exciting thing about making Dexter a family man was that he had to answer for his whereabouts and his disappearances. This season, dude went to freaking North Dakota and more or less got away without anyone caring besides his clingy sister. Maybe it's time to skip forward a few years to get Harrison to an age where he's not too busy eating paste to notice that Dad sure is gone an awful lot.

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