Irvine Kinneas

Game: Final Fantasy VIII

Swag Quote: Sharpshooters are loners by nature... We hone our instincts, pour our whole being into a single bullet

What happens when you take Sawyer from Lost, slap a cowboy hat on him and teach him how to unhook a bra with a sniper rifle from 200 yards away? You get Irvine Kinneas, one of the most understated but stylish characters in the Final Fantasy series. He’s a smooth talker, has an interesting history and doesn’t dress like an androgynous 15-year old.

He can be a little brooding at times, but that only makes the girls like him more. Most importantly though, he’s good at what he does. There has never been a better marksman in the history of the games, and you can guarantee that when Irvine takes the shot, he never misses.

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