Manny Calavera

Game: Grim Fandango

Swag Quote: As a rule, I never touch anything more sophisticated and delicate than myself

Manny Calavera is dead but that doesn’t seem to faze him. Trapped in purgatory he wanders around the Land of the Dead, full of departed souls making their way to the Ninth Underworld. With cues from Casablanca and other film noir classics, Manny’s character is one of pure style.

He’s Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart rolled into one sarcastic undead Mexican skeleton stuck ushering others to the great beyond. With his off-white suit and constant chain smoking, Manny wouldn’t look out of place in the swankiest lounge clubs. Also, where most men would lose some of their appeal being dead, Manny’s grows. What’s there to be afraid of when you’ve already lost your life?

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