10. Your credit card statements read like a porn star's résumé.

It’s that time of month, the always loathed day when those credit card bills arrive in the mail and make you regret spending $150 on a pair of Jordans that you’ll most likely wear two times at the most.

Here’s where the pain sets in: Right under the Foot Locker charge is a line that reads “The League Of Extraordinary Swallowers,” and above it, “World Of Lust.” The corresponding charges range from $25 to a whopping $75, and then the pieces all fall into place mentally: The former is for that downloadable fetish movie you purchased, and the latter covers the monthly access to the Internet’s foremost streaming adult video site.

Scrolling down the rest of the bill, words such as “Bus Pass” and “Surcharge” disappear in a sea of “XXX,” “Girl-On-Girl,” and “Kayden Kross.” At first, the rationale was simple: Better to drop wads of cash on cyber pleasures than pay hookers to make potentially dangerous house calls. But try telling that to the Visa employee who keeps calling about unpaid bills.