We’re all human beings—it’s in our DNA to enjoy having sex. Don't feel embarrassed. Getting intimate with your significant other is perfectly normal, and healthy, as is the occasional late-night, after-the-bar-closes jumpoff (while protected, of course). What’s not OK, however, is breaking out in cold sweats if the bar visit doesn’t lead to sharing your bed with somebody, anybody. Nor is it permissible to spend more money on call girls than you do when paying bills.

Those who can relate to the last two scenarios are what psychologists like to call “sexual deviants,” much like Michael Fassbender’s character in the harrowing new grown-up drama Shame (opening in limited release tomorrow). In the powerful film, co-written and directed by British filmmaking sensation Steve McQueen (Hunger), Fassbender plays a successful NYC yuppie whose sex addiction leads him on a downward spiral of emotional despair and self-destructive behavior.

Aside from being a cinematic knockout, Shame is also a cautionary tale for guys who live by a similar code of perverse ethics but don’t even know it. One look at our list of 10 Signs That You’re A Sex Addict just might wake them (or you?) up.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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