Battle Royale

Type of Game: First-Person Shooter

If you don’t know Battle Royale, then we’re no longer friends. Basically, a bunch of kids from a Japanese school are drugged and taken to an island where they’re forced to kill each other until there’s only one person standing. The series The Hunger Games is pretty much a direct rip-off of it. So, what we’d want with this game is a first-person shooter, deathmatch style where you’d have to be the last person on the map.

But here’s there's a catch, and it's what would make this game so awesome. As in the movie, novel, and manga, there’s no telling what weapon you might start off with. You could get a crossbow, a submachine gun, or even a fork. And you’d have to plan your attacks accordingly. Sure, maybe it couldn’t be a WHOLE game, but a downloadable one, no doubt. Good God, we want this game NOW.