Earthworm Jim

Why We Praised It: Wacky characters in a unique world full of charisma and charm

Why It Sucks: Standards for wacky have changed so much, a worm in a suit isn't enough to get past it's problematic staircases and under-tested hazards

There’s been a sharp increase in our tolerance for the sort of wacky humor that defined Earthworm Jim when it released back in the 90’s. Back then it was all sorts of kooky, but with the deluge of non-sequitor humor that’s flooded the modern media landscape, seeing a dirt-eating worm in a super suit fight off an ill-tempered crow hardly constitutes weird.

Of course, this wouldn’t matter if the game was still a solid platformer, but truth be told it’s vertical navigation is an absolute mess and the controls are so sloppy it’s more likely you’ll die from an errant jump than any enemy.