Goldeneye 007

Why We Praised It: 4-player multiplayer that worked on consoles

Why It Sucks: Lateral movement and visibility range, unbalanced characters and weapons 

Sure, it may have been your first exposure to competitive multiplayer, but if any of the countless classic PC shooters had managed to make it to the N64 with the same control scheme I guarantee you would have preferred that. If you don’t believe that Goldeneye wasn’t all you make it out to be, feel free to pick up 2010’s lackluster remake for the Wii, or this year’s remake for the PS3 and 360 that Activision put out to close the sales gap after nobody bought it the first time.

Plus, try playing this one for 20 minutes without a fight breaking out over the use of Oddjob or the Golden Gun; this game has some serious balancing issues.