Halo: Combat Evolved

Why We Praised It: Defined the modern FPS and brought us Master Chief

Why It Sucks: Convoluted plot, limited enemy types and the most generic protagonist of all time

Ah yes, the first great console FPS (wait, wasn’t that Goldeneye?), the title that spawned millions of fanboys and ushered in the Xbox as a legitimate contender in the console wars. Halo: Combat Evolved gets far too much credit for its contribution to modern design when most of the elements were done better by a dozen other games. It might still hold up but Space Marines, Gordon Freeman and Modern Warfare have all done their part to make every trope of the Halo universe seem laughably ancient.

It may have set a precedent for console shooters, but it has been bested and bested well. Going back to this one is like visiting an old folks home and hearing stories about how great things used to be – all the while you wish you could stop paying attention and check your iPhone instead.