6. Hop Devil Grill

Neighborhood: East Village
 129 St. Marks Pl.

For Sunday afternoon lushes who prefer beer over bubbly, Hop Devil Grill is the place to be. Unlike some of the other spots on this list, this East Village hop-haven doesn't have a DJ (or women in 5-inch heels), but it does have a fully stocked jukebox. Do it up!

Once you get your jam of choice rolling, dig into the $20 all-you-can-drink "beer-unch," where you can choose from any of the 24 draught beers and get down on some Tex-Mex fare, including the ever-appropriate "Hangover Destroyer," which pairs crispy pork with rice and refried beans. Wash away the heartburn with a half-dozen extra foamy pints of Dogfish Head. This is the life.