The Sunburnt Cow

Neighborhood: East Village/Alphabet City
 137 Ave. C

Allow us to be frank right quick. The Sunburnt Cow, an Aussie bar, is not the prettiest place. But the focus here is booze, not beauty. Farm-inspired surroundings aside (as in farm animals, not farmhouse chic), the reverse-sticker shock here is worth paying a visit for: We're talking $18 for two hours of non-stop-sipping (or chugging, if you want to be cost-effective). And oh yeah, brunch too—all Aussie-inspired takes on classic breakfast items, with ill-advised names like Bush-benedict (Like, seriously? Way to make us lose our eggs!).

The cocktails have equally bad names, but they're speedily refreshed by the Australian waitstaff who are as serious about your alcohol consumption as you are. Our advice? Skip the Fosters and the moo-mosas, and go for a simple staple, the screwdriver, which is the strongest of the bunch (and the least embarassing to order).