10. Diva

Neighborhood: Soho
 341 West Broadway

We can forgive Diva its pretentious name, only because the self-assessment is eerily accurate. Diva is a raucous mid-day party where, you guessed it, the revelers wind-down wind-up on a Sunday afternoon. And by revelers, we mean ridiculously attractive people who are aware of their aesthetic appeal.

Hair flipping and nose-elevating aside, Diva's reputation has withstood the test of time as one of the citiy's longest-running brunch parties (fifteen years!), and with good reason. The Italian-Mediterranean eats are palpable, yes, and the decor is subdued, but the Bloody Marys are aggressively potent. The DJ is equally sharp, livening things up with international beats that serve to invigorate the formerly-sleepy crowd. 

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