9. Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)

Hachi is the saddest premise in the history of sad movie premises. College Professor Parker (Richard Gere) finds an adorable Akita puppy at the train station. The dog, who he names Hachi, is lovably dysfunctional and unable to master the simplest tricks, but he makes up for it by being fiercely loyal.

Loyal as in, waiting for Parker every day when he gets off the train so they can walk home together. Loyal as in, waiting for Parker for hours in the snow when he doesn't return one day. Loyal as in, waiting for Parker for 10 years, every day, at the same time, just hoping he'll step off that god-damned train again just one more time. 

Even the trailer will make you shed a tear, even if only for the sad dichotomy between Hachi and your not-nearly-as-loyal ex girlfriend. Whatever the reason, trust us, the tears will inevitaby flow.