10. King Kong (2005)

We can't blame Kong for attempting to woo movie star Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts). Personally, we'd want to do more than woo her. When Kong falls hard for Ann's juggling act (everyone has their thing I guess) he pulls all the chivalrous gorilla-ropes, making it his M.O. to keep Ann safe from rambunctious humans and natives alike.

But the heart-strings go into full-on tug-mode when movie-makers looking to exploit Kong capture him and put him in on stage beside an Ann look-alike. When he realizes he's the victim of a wifey-swap, he isn't pleased. He escapes and scoops up the real Ann, and takes her for a romantic climb up the Empire State Building, where he is mercilessly shot down for pursuing their unlikely relationship. CGI gorilla or not, you will bawl like a bitch when Kong shields Ann from the assault before tumbling to his death off the top of the building.

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