Well this should come as a shock to absolutely no one, but apparently another cast member of the much maligned musical, Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, has been injured in a freak accident during the show, according to Playbill. Matthew James Thomas, who plays the costumed Wall Crawler on Wednesday and Saturday matinees, was apparently injured while backstage during a performance at the Foxwoods Theater on November 9.

Details are sketchy, but the actor was immediately rushed to the hospital where he received stitches for his injury. This incident marks the sixth time an actor has been injured, and subsequently hospitalized, on set since the play began rehearsals over a year ago.

While this is bad news for members of the cast and the audience, New York area hospitals are absolutely thrilled with the amount of money that this play is generating for them. Not only is this play putting the children of numerous doctors and surgeons through college, but there should soon be enough money in their budgets to open up entire hospital wings that deal solely with Turn off the Dark accidents in the near future. We'd like to see Fiddler on the Roof compete with that! 

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