Pepper spray and the primal nature of man made this past Friday the Blackest of Friday's.

The woman who strategically used the agent of choice against customers at a Porter Ranch Walmart turned herself in yesterday. She had managed to escape the madness unnoticed, but must've succumbed to the guilt of knowing that 20 people were hurt because of her evil genius.

She was released to allow police time to investigate after refusing further comment on the situation. Officers say they have roughly a dozen witnesses to interview, including victims. 10 people suffered injury as result of the spray, while another 10 were suffered cuts and bruises from the madness that followed.

The woman, who used the pepper spray to gain access to several discounted Xbox 360's, could be charged with battery.  The Los Angeles Times is pretty sure that she escaped with a console, so at least she got what she came for.

[via The Washington Post and The Los Angels Times]

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