Jimmy Kimmel called on the vindictive parents of the world to pull the cruelest prank imaginable—convince their children they ate all of their hard-earned Halloween candy, and videotape it.

This admission, as expected, inspired tears, tantrums, and in some cases straight-up agresssion. One little girl lodges insults at her father, and particularly plump boy agressively pounds his fists in fury. 

But our favorite reaction? The concluding duo of brothers, who are clearly sassy beyond their years. When mom reveals she's ate every last piece of candy, including the peanut butter cups, the eldest son exclaims, "What the heck...did you see how much I had? I went to alot of houses!", while the youngest gasps loudly and screams: "You sneaky mom!" 

The lesson here? Don't mess with the stash!  

[via Vulture]