If you ever want to know what happens when you give Glenn Beck a loan and a dream, you should turn your dials to his truth-living TV network. The "Czar-at-Large," also known as Brian Sack, gets a little nostalgic on the second episode of GBTV's Pumperknickel Boulevard. In the clip, Sack informs his silly schlemiel that he shouldn't compare anyone to Adolf Hitler on his protest signs.

The "Public Viewer" and his puppet friend go on to sing a humorous little diddy called "You're Not Hitler" and teach us all a valuable lesson. Whether you're George W. Bush, President Barack Obama, or even Glenn Beck — no one is anything like the Nazi leader. For those who can take a joke or just want to create some more political fodder, B.S. of A will be airing a holiday special episode tonight at 7:00PM EST.

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[via GlennBeck.com]