Patton Oswalt is no stranger here in Pop Culture, and while he may be having a great year, the Young Adult star got his humble start off on a sitcom. As Spence, Kevin James' goofy sidekick on The King of Queens, Oswalt may have instantly created a cult episode without even realizing it. According to The Heart, She Holler comic, you can see Oswalt standing absolutely motionless in the opening scene from an episode of the CBS show. 

Oswalt, rehashing the memory via his Twitter page, says he "can't remember" why he did it. Was it a dare requested of him from George Clooney? Was it an early form of miming that he was practicing? Either way, Oswalt's quiet rebelling was captured in full view the entire time. You can watch Patton stand eerily and completely still in the clip above. No emotion. No laughter. No snarky comment. Nothing.

We wonder if the show's director had any clue what was going on at that moment. Let us know what he could have been thinking in the comments section.

[via Mediaite]