Honestly, we don't think that anyone could have predicted such a seismic shift in the Brooklyn Brawler's career. In this latest edition of Funny or Die, Mike Tyson tackles his toughest role to date—Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. Trust us when we say that we'd rather have Iron Mike as the Leader of the Free World if President Barack Obama fails to win a second term.  

The above video finds all the GOP nominees being spoofed to perfection, but it's more interesting to see Mike doing stuff like this at all. Five years ago, this would have beem ridiculous for the Brownsville Bomber to even be associated with. But does all this laughter at the behest of a man formerly known as "The Baddest Man in the Planet" mean that the time has passed for this to continue being "funny" or "surprising"?

We'll let you answer that in the comments section. Make sure to get your laugh on with the two clips above and below. What's next for Kid Dynamite? You tell us.

[via Funny or Die]

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