"A comedian can spend his whole life digging through the comedy mines for sound bites he can use to sustain his family. And then Rick Perry gives you 53 seconds that can change a man's life." With that very comment Jon Stewart summed up the moment we all knew that things would never be the same in our current political system. This clip is comedy gold and for anyone who can appreciate a good quip, The Daily Show continues to prove why it's the most "fair and balanced" news program on television today.

It's no surprise that the topic of discussion on Thursday night's episode would be center around the brain turd dropped by Perry on Wednesday night's CNBC debate in Michigan. But watch how masterfully Stewart navigates the audience in and out of the theme's punchline. Rappers take notice—this is how you do it! Before even going into the "comedy meat on the bone" that was Perry's gaffe, he took the time to back up his prediction that Mitt Romney would win by looking at how all the other candidates performed.

To sum it all up, it's looking pretty, pretty, pretty good for Romney. We'll let Stewart and his co-conspirators Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver rip into this epic take down of Rick Perry. Share your best quotes and jokes in the comments section below.

[Via Mediaite]