NBC's Saturday Night Live has been hit or miss this season, but Jon Stewart was right — Rick Perry's "oops" moment was sheer comedy gold. The comedy sketch show decided to join in on all the fun by devoting the opening bit to the Texas governor's memorably bizarre speech in Michigan last week. The above clip provides plenty of fodder for political pundits and jokesters alike, but devoting its opening sketch to the gaffe was unsurprising on the show's part.

We know that they're obligated to cover the event, and they did their best, but after a while it all starts to sound like parodies of past SNL sketches rather than the debates themselves. With Kenan Thompson as Herman Cain and Bill Hader as Perry, the duo did a great job of recapping the past issues with both candidates. But the sketch really picked up when they went off-script with Perry taking his clothes off as Andy Samberg's Rick Santorum wept, and Jason Sudeikis's Mitt Romney attempted to put Perry out of his misery...you know, with an actual bullet.

Watch the clip above and share your best Cain/Perry joke in the comments section.

[via Washington Post]