"Hayden, imma let you finish but I first I'm going to pull the best streaking stunt of all time." Okay, the streaker didn't actually say that, but he should have, because he that's exactly what he did. He bum-rushed the stage, entirely nude, interrupting Hayden Panettiere as she presented the award for best song at Europe's MTV Music Awards.

Panettiere has an awkward exchange with the naked ginger, who respectfully covers his man parts with both palms, and clearly looks as though she's waiting for security to swoop in and sweep him off the stage. Instead, she's force to carry on an uncomfortable conversation in which said naked ginger tells her he's " a big fan", to which she graciously replies, "Thank you, you should come grab a pint with us after."

Only he can't find his cell for her digits. You know, because he's naked and all. When he decides to finally make his exit, Panettiere remarks, "Well that was different". But really, was it? Or was it exactly what you expected, because it's MTV and these meticulously stunts are par for the course, aren't they? While we will admit Panettiere looks pretty damn surprised to see the streaker, we can't help but think this is just another one of MTV's elaborate schemes, you know, the ones that set it apart from those other, stuffy awards shows (albeit in a predictable way).

Check out the totally NSFW video above, and make the call.

[via Mediaite]