Ghana (yes, the country in Africa) has made a contribution to film you won't soon forget. In fact, not just one, but two terribly produced, ultra low-budget flicks that are truly entertaining, though most likely not in the way they were inteded to be.

First, marvel at 2016, a perplexing hybrid of Alien and Terminator, this ill-fated attempt into action film doesn't quite get the adrenaline pumping, so much as it gets the laughter rolling. Did you just see a Lambo flatten a woman and a baby get punted by an Alien? Yes, yes you did.

Their second contribution is the equally awesome 12:00, which is a virus movie not unlke Contagion that is kind enough to spare us a sickly Gwenyth Paltrow, although it does insist on repeating the title of the movie at least 5 times. Okay, we get it! One, two and three! It's a triple feature, apparently.

After watching these trailers, the residual disbelief faded and was quickly replaced with curiosity and (dare we admit?) fascination. We want more of this film in our life, and we need to know what happens to football baby, stat. The suspense may very well kill us.

[via Buzzfeed]