Rolling Stone unveiled the most awkward interview we've seen in awhile—actor Donald Glover interviewing rapper Childish Gambino. Which, in case you're unaware, have quite a bit in common, namely sharing the same body.

With his album Camp due to drop on November 15, Glover is unexpectedly harsh with Childish Gambino, criticizing everything from his style to his rhymes.  His opening question sets the stage for the self-deprecating tone of the conversation: "So, I think the question on everybody's mind is, why are you so lame?"

Harsh words from one man to another, let alone from the same man to the, uh, same man. Glover continues his harsh interrogation with a thorough knocking of the rapper's style and Childish Gambino poorly attempts to defend wearing his sweater backwards by likening himself to Kris Kross and admits, "Does this give me any street cred? Probably not".

Glover also made a straightforward inquiry no other interviewer would ever dare to ask: "Why do you rap like shit?" Childish Gambino's response?  "Mostly because my voice is annoying."  Whether you agree with that assessment or not, you have to admit, Childish Gambino's lack of egotism and ample ability to laugh at (and even lambaste) himself is pretty damn refreshing.

[via Rolling Stone]