Russians do it better. Well, at least advertising for political campaigns. In a racy new ad for Vladimir Putin's United Russia Party, an attractive woman is helped into the voting booth by a young guy, who then joins her inside, where we're meant to believe that they both cast their ballots and have a little sexy time. Or maybe you need to have sex in order to officially cast your ballot in Russia? We're so confused!

And I mean really, who can multi-task like that? Especially with house music thumping in the background! All doubts and confusion aside, you do have to give Putin and his camp props for making their new slogan, "Let's do it together", really come to life. 

Before you attempt to exercise your sexuality and democracy simultaneously, remember this was filmed in Russia. In the United States, there is no sex in voting booth. Or the champagne room, for that matter.

[via Politico]