We all have skeletons in our closet and we all have dark thoughts from time to time.  But watching this Skyrim video made us feel more saintly and pure than we have since childhood.  One of Skyrim's standout features is the freedom it gives gamers to play the game how they want to play it.  Apparently, some people want to play it by purchasing a house and filling it with the decapitated bodies of their murder victims!  What makes this even more grotesque is the amount of effort needed to accomplish this.  The decapitation perk only severs heads on a critical strike.  So this sicko needed to save the game and reload it over and over again for each victim until he landed that perfect slice.  Dragging the corpses—and heads—back to the estate and posing them is no small feat either.  Add in some sinister music and you have the perfect recipe for an evening full of nightmares.  Enjoy.  

[via Destructoid]


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