Appearing on “Conan” last week, comedian Louis C.K. announced a new stand-up special and among other things, got to talking about society’s overreliance upon smartphones.

“Nobody takes in life unless it comes through [a smartphone],” argued C.K, before continuing with a hilarious bit about missing the second coming of Christ due to Twitter, in his typical earnestly brash style.

And though C.K. seems to be averse to technology, the comedian is actually remarkably savvy, revealing his plans to sell his upcoming comedy special on his website for $5 using Paypal, instead of going the traditional HBO or Comedy Central route. “Why should I go through a cable network when I can just give it directly to the people who want to see it?” he asked the New York Times during a phone interview in Friday. “It’s so much easier, and it’s an interesting experiment.”

[via Gizmodo and Uproxx