In a Halloweenly-timed announcement, Universal Studios Home Entertainment announced Monday that it is going into production on a new werewolf thriller for its DVD Originals series. It may not have a title, but with Stephen Rea, Steven Bauer, and Nia Peeples on-board, you can expect the "Needs A Title Already Wolfman Movie" to go into motion. 

Universal has sent out a press release about the new movie, which announced the start of production, and revealed that the film won't be coming to theaters. Yes, Benicio Del Toro messed it up for fans looking out for a Dog Soldiers remake with 2010's abysmal stinkbomb The Wolfman. The screenplay, written by Michael Tabb, Louis Morneau, and Catherine Cyran, centers on a group of bounty hunters charged with the task to take down a supernatural beast unlike anything they have ever seen.

If the extra luchini is enough to give Universal the cajones to continue greenlighting indie swank like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, then we cosign the move. But what do you think? Are werewolves old news in favor of the undead? The film will be released on DVD before Halloween next year.

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[via Coming Soon]