As fun as portable consoles are, the one genre that they have all struggled to make work is the first- and third-person shooter. While the same genres have flourished on the consoles, there has yet to be a portable console that can deliver the same thrilling experience on the go. That is, until now.

Sony and Zipper Interactive have unveiled a new PlayStation Vita launch title by the name of Unit 13. This new game was built from the ground up for the PlayStation Vita in order to make use of all of the control options offered by the handheld. Everything that Sony has thrown into the Vita will be taken advantage of including the dual analog sticks, front and back touch panels, and the full touch screen. Unit 13 features 36 action-packed missions spread across varied locales, featuring both solo and cooperative play.

The game is also going to make good use of the Vita’s network functions, both Wifi and 3G related. There will be daily challenges posted, a variety of leaderboards, and high quality voice chatting. The game is looking incredible at this point which you can see in the screenshots and trailer above.