It was inevitable. Mississippi State University is now the first school to pull off the cheap marketing ploy of replacing its team name in an endzone with a Twitter hashtag.

Reading “#hailstate,” the gimmick comes ahead of the school’s Saturday rivalry game against in-state foe Ole Miss, a matchup understandably in need of publicity since only folks who rock Wrangler jeans will give two shits about it. After all, there’s Alabama-Auburn, Texas-A&M, Florida-FSU, etc. all going down this weekend.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban of all people was reportedly excited about the stunt, telling Mashable, “It’s going to stir up some emotions between both teams,” before adding, “I can definitely see the Mavs and other teams doing it.”

Look out for The Vatican to do something similar come Christmas, too.

[via Mashable]