A perk of being a Millennial is that you can turn old 80's plotlines into box office gold. Todd Phillips, who's made a career recording stars getting totally wasted, is producing his take on one of the oldest stories in the book with the low-budget comedy called Project X. The movie follows three nerdy kids, who just want to be cool, who throw an insane rager in order to obtain — what else — girls and popularity.

Oh, youth! The celebration gets quickly out of hand, which you can see in the clip above, but boy ain't it an exciting ride?! Sexy girls, offbeat humor (small dog humping a big one, really guys?), and police involvement mark the highlights of Project X. If you were to blink too fast, you may think that this was some Hot Tub Time Machine meets The Social Network-esque stealth trailer for The Hangover 3, but in actual fact this new comedy will be your way on March 2, 2012.

Phillips and producer Joel Silver gathered a cast of young up-and-comers including Thomas Mann, Jonathan Daniel Brown, Oliver Cooper and Nichole O'Connor. You can't help but be brought in by the Paranormal Activity "found footage" lead-in — or is that Parahormonal Activity

Watch as things continue to get out of control, share your thoughts about the vid, and we'll keep you posted as more develops.

[via Empire]