LucasFilm's upcoming World War II drama Red Tails has released another new trailer for your viewing pleasure. The Anthony Hemingway-directed clip finally marries the film's flag-beating, grandiose dialogue to some genuinely hair-raising action sequences. On this go-around, we get to see Terrence Howard's squadron of fighter pilots really get their hands dirty, as they take to the skies for a series of airborne set-pieces. We also learn a little bit more about their climactic mission (protecting Allied bombers), whilst there's an extended look at the train attack glimpsed in previous teasers.

With Michael B. Jordan, Tristan Wilds, and Nate Parker rounding out the wave of new African-American acting talent—does this movie feature a lot of lines that are totally anachronistic given the period setting? We have to say, "Hell yes!" You'll hear lines delivered like, "How you like THAT, Mr. Hitler?!" It wouldn't surprise us if one of the young gunners starts texting during a raid on Dresden. Bryan Cranston, Cuba Gooding Jr. (wait, didn't he already play this role already?), and Method Man help add some veteran talent to Red Tails—which will shoot into theaters on January 20, 2012.

[via MovieWeb]