After losing director Darren Aronofsky due to personal reasons, and delaying production for months because of Hugh Jackman's hectic schedule, it finally looked like The Wolverine was actually going to start filming soon under the direction of James Mangold. However, Movie Hole is now reporting that the star of production may have once again been delayed. 

Apparently these most recent problems have something to do with filming in Japan, as opposed to the usual creative differences. It's still unclear whether these delays are due to political red tape or because of damage that remains from the tsunami and earthquake that hit the country earlier this year, but either way, the production seems to have hit another snag. Being that the movie will be taking its cues from the original Wolverine mini-series by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, the setting of Japan is a vital part of the story and can't be easily substituted by any other country. 

Movie Hole goes on to say that talks will resume again next year, and that the film is still slated to happen at this point. We're just hoping that The Wolverine doesn't wind up as another example in a long list of unrealized superhero sequels because Mangold seemed to have a really interesting direction planned for the flick.

[via Movie Hole