It's likely that Popeye's message of eating spinach to stay strong is what's missing in today's cineplex. After Sony made mention of the muscly-forearmed sailor's return to theaters last year, now they've signed two screenwriters to make an animated feature film. Jay Scherick and David Ronn are on board to pen the script for Olive Oyl's man. They're the dynamic duo who helped The Smurfs rake in $550 million bucks at the box office, so you know that Sony is hoping for lightning to strike the B.O. with Popeye.

The last time anyone even saw the pipe-chewing seaman (#noRazB) was in the 1980 film starring Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall. While Williams did a fairly good job in portraying the cartoonish character, the Robert Altman-directed film didn't exactly break the bank. With this new version on the move, there are no plot details yet, but we're expecting the animated feature to also involve Wimpy, Swee'Pea, and Bluto.  

Regardless, the character, who dates all the way back to the late ‘20s, is still beloved by generations. Do you think that Scherick and Ronn are able to embrace the iconic character and craft a story that will engage today's cinephile? 

[via What Culture]