When Barnes & Noble unveiled the Nook tablet a couple of weeks ago, it seemed to knock some of the wind out of Amazon’s sails—the OG book retailer putting forth what seemed a product with superiors specs to the Kindle Fire being championed by the e-book pioneer. Sure Amazon would have its entire ecosystem of content on offer, but for only $50 more, the Nook tablet offered double the storage space so you could fill it with whatever you wanted.

And therein lies the lie. Maximum PC has discovered that out of the Nook tablet’s 16GB hard drive, users will only get to use one solitary gig, the rest closed off strictly for consumption of BN’s native content and partnered apps. 

If the device manages to prove successful given its limitations, it may set a terrible precedent, with the possibility of more and more manufacturers restricting their devices to carrying content only they profit off of. The underlying issue—besides greed, of course—then becomes censorship. This from a book seller, mind you.

[via Gizmodo]

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