KIm Kardashian's impressively short marriage to Kris Humphries was comically immortalized in this weekend's edition of Saturday Night Live, which was (amazingly) hosted by Charlie Day.

And, though it can't be said for all of the night's hit-or-miss skits, it was actually legitimately entertaining. Nasim Pedrad hit Kim's slightly nasally voice on the head ("whoopsies, I got divorced!"), but it was Kristin Wiig who grabbed the biggest laughs with her brilliant Kris Jenner impression. Wiig paints Jenner as an attention-grubbing momager who aspires to be seen as a "fourth sister", while Taran Killam portrays Bruce Jenner as an overly-botoxed mess rendered expressionless, neither of which are much of a stretch.

Andy Samberg also makes a brief appearance as a hilariously inept Humphries, whose only dialogue is few indecipherable grunts and groans and barely has the mental capacity to sign his own name on the divorce papers.

But according to to the skit, lack of brains is not why Kim left Kris, it was something more (or is it less?): "Marriages are hard, and it turns out Kris was only half the man I wanted him to be. And by that, I mean he was only half black"

SNL, hitting bellowing the belt...ayo!

[via THR]