It's no secret that phone's are increasingly rivaling PCs in both computing power and functionality, and according to leaked images and specs from HTC, the gap between the two categories will get even narrower next year.

The Taiwanese company is reportedly set to launch a new superphone, currently known as the "Edge," that features a quad-core processor. Although two cores have become the standard for both modern smartphones and PCs, four cores have hitherto solely been the province of desktop computers and higher end laptops. According to reports, the chip in the Edge will be an all-new 1.5 ghz Tegra 3 unit.

In addition to the beastly new processor, the device will feature a massive 4.7-inch screen with 720p resolution, Beats Audio, an 8 megapixel f/2.2 shooter and even more horsepower from 1 GB of RAM.

Since the leaked photos feature a bottom row of physical buttons, we're guessing the "Edge" wasn't developed as an Android 4.0 device. But perhaps by the time it launches HTC will have it ready to run the new OS. The phone isn't expected until mid 2012.

[via CNET]